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The end of things or the continuation of an endless journey?



Already two days since we have reached the “end point” and yet I feel like I am in a “no man land”waiting to decide where I will go next. I truly feel like I have not yet arrived and that I may in fact never reach an "end point".

I have memories of children along the roads looking at us with so much eagerness and curiosity, women dressed with sarongs of all colors so often smiling with complicity and proud, men carrying water, wood, food and passengers on the back of old bikes, sand, mountains, the rich red soils of Namibia, tropical vegetation, eucalyptus trees, climbs that felt as if one would reach the sky, the stillness of the heat in the Sundan, Ethiopia and Kenya, the cold mornings of Bostwana and Namibia, the bush camps I have loved so so much, elephants crossing the roads just in front of us, the stars to the infinite, sunsets over Lake Malawi, sunrise in the sand dunes of Namibia, the generosity of people along the roads, my feelings of inadequacy for not being able to do something (if only a little) to make life sweater for these thousands of children, “the frustration" and surprises that come with different cultures, the gender relations which are so different from what I know, the excitement of loosing oneself in local markets so full of colors, my bum that hurts at the end of long days, my legs that finally learned to be strong on these long journeys, the wind that so often gave me the feeling of freedom, the sun burning my face as I stopped for lunch, my eyes that could never stopped looking around, crazy dreams as I slept in my tent, the rain "on and in" my tent..., the pleasure that came with a shower after a few days of bush camps, having the stars as background while going to the bathroom at night, living in a community of 60 so special and divers characters for 120 days. My memories are endless and my feelings so hard to describe.

I am still under the shock: So full of joy that I succeeded in crossing the path of these 10 countries, discovered and learned so many many things. And yet, I am sad that it is coming to an end and also confused (or scared...) at what will be my next steps. This journey has left many imprints on me and I truly hope that I will be able to growth from what I have learned and give back to others..

I have not written since Zambia as if I could not get myself to acknowledge (in writing) that I was slowly leaving “dark Africa ” towards a more “modern” Africa. I took notes and will soon post snapshots of feelings and impressions from Zambia, Bostwana, Namibia and South Africa.

But for the moment, I am still in search as if a part of myself was left behind on my bike somewhere between Tanzania and Zambia.

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Sonia! I can't begin to tell you how proud I am of you and what you have accomplished! Congratulations on an incredible journey! One I am sure that has changed you in many ways and one that I'm sure you will cherish and never forget!! I can only hope to one day follow in your tire treads and accomplish the same feat! I applaud your accomplishment Sonia!! Way to Go!!! Claudio

by Luv2cycle

Salut Sonia,

Wow, c'est fait. Il y a de quoi être très fière. Je comprends ton feeling de fin de voyage. Quand on est immergé si long temps dans quelque chose d'aussi intense et d'aussi éloigné du reste du monde et de la vie de tous les jours il est difficile de savoir comment en revenir ...ou ne pas en revenir. Probablement que le mieux est de ne rien forcer et laisser les états d'âme faire leur place et se relayer.

Ici l'été est hâtif et la vie maritime suit son cours ...au ralenti. L'économie n'est pas très forte..beaucoup de navires attachés. Ca doit te sembler bien loin.

J'espère que dans tes plans pour la suite tu as prévu de venir nous raconter tout ca en personne. J'ai bien hâte. Svp tiens-moi au courant de tes projets.

Portes-toi bien et bravo! bravo! bravo! Je t'envie et t'admire beaucoup.

Claude M.

by claudem

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